We simulate all things consumer, retail and SME Lending

Who we are?

We believe that anyone can gain insights into the cause-and-effect relationships in a lending portfolio. Our simulation platform enables you to quickly learn what may have taken years in the past. Our expertise is the intersection of numerical simulation, gamification, learning design, innovation and lending.

We believe that collaboration fuels innovation and learning. We believe that hands-on, active ‘what-if’ teamwork results in a nuanced understanding of complex phenomena.

Our Workshops

Who are our Clients?

Any institution who lends money to individuals, small,or medium enterprises. We enable incumbent banks, FinTechs and those new to lending to optimize and innovate their lending.

Thought Leaders

Our founders, faculty, and facilitators are well-respected thought leaders in their fields. They come from globally recognized institutions:

Industry Expertise

Our faculty comes from a network of experienced industry practitioners that provide coaching and mentoring guidance during our workshops, ensuring your team gets the expert guidance they need.

Our Partners