BankersLab offers simulation-based virtual training fintech courses for the banking, financial, and lending industries

Our courses help banking professionals with essential skill development, training your team to improve their performance and achieve at new levels

Training For Every Vertical of Banking and Lending

Our courses and simulations will improve your team's performance across critical banking and lending specialties


A simulation-based training course designed to set a solid foundation and understanding of consumer credit risk principles

Credit Scoring & Big Data Lending

Big-Data-Driven Credit Scoring is a simulation-based training fintech course that improves a bank’s ability to integrate unstructured data sources with traditional credit scoring


A simulation-based training course that improves a bank’s ability to optimize delinquent collections


AiLab is a sandbox-based training fintech course that drives a deeper understanding of how Leaders and Teams can use AI in finance

Use Case Studio

Use Case Studio involves teaching the latest AI concepts through various materials, the most important being through simulations


A simulation-based training course that improves a bank’s ability to use credit scoring more effectively

MIS and Portfolio Management

The primary goal of this course is to provide participants with the ability to review, monitor, and use MIS reports for effective portfolio management

Data Storytelling

Bring your data to life! In this fintech course, we focus on creating actionable insights about how we acquire, and monitor our customers


ACELERA is the first Digital Transformation Simulation Game for the Financial Industry, and fosters the initiation or expansion of a robust and strategic conversation among executives about digital transformation and the future of the institution in a disrupted world


A simulation-based training course that improves a bank’s ability to optimize the lending process

Add-On Consulting Services Available on Request

In addition to our workshops, BankersLab also offers add-on consulting to help our clients with specific projects. Our faculty is always in a position to offer ongoing support for your organization's transformation, please contact us to discuss more about whether our add-on consulting services are right for you.

Bankers Lab Online Bank Training Courses Simulation Team

Global Training, From Entry To Executive Level

Our simulations and trainings can be tailored to your team's needs, with language localization in over a dozen languages and course levels ranging from foundational to executive


0-3 yrs experience

F001 | CreditLab®: Underwriting
F002 | CreditLab®: Fundamentals
F003 | CollectionLab®: Fundamentals
F004 | LendingLab®: SME Fundamentals
F005 | CreditLab®: SME Fundamentals
F006 | LendingLab® Digital: SME Fundamentals


3-10 yrs experience

A001 | CreditLab®
A002 | CollectionLab®
A003 | ScoringLab®
A004 | CreditLab®: Small Business
A005 | LendingLab®
A006 | MIS & Portfolio Management
A007 | Credit Scoring & Alternative Data Lending
A008 | LendingLab®: BNPL


10+ years experience

M001 | CreditLab®: Provisioning & Capital
M002 | CreditLab®: Crisis Planning in the Age of Disruption: Masterclass
M003 | LendingLab®: Agile
M004 | LendingLab®: Alternative Data


Open for All

I001 | Use Case Studio
I002 | Experimental Design
I003 | AI Sandbox Course: For Leaders
I004 | Digital Transformation Simulation Game
I005 | Data Storytelling
I006 | LendingLab®: Fintech Disrupt from Within

Two Learning Formats

Our expert faculty will guide your team through the simulations in a virtual workshop format of your choice

Live Training Workshops

Our live training workshops are the virtual classroom version of our in-person workshops. Same expert faculty, same gamification, same teamwork, and collaboration. Best for teams who can invest a few continuous days for training, and would benefit from the team interaction and live collaboration.

Our expert facilitators coach these sessions live with your team

Teams work together enabling active participation

Experience continuous days of learning

Bankers Lab Online Bank Training Courses Simulation Team

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