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Dubai – 18th June 2015 – BankersLab®, a provider of simulation-based training for the retail banking industry, today announced a collaboration with leading financial institution, Bank Audi.

Bank Audi, Lebanon’s largest lender, took an early adopter approach and invited BankersLab to conduct their award winning training course CreditLab® at Bank Audi’s head quarters in Beirut. CreditLab® brings innovation to the corporate classroom by transforming the learner into a player. During the course participants hone their analytic, portfolio management and leadership skills by test-driving their knowledge in a simulation game. In order to win, players must successfully operate the most profitable virtual bank with the most satisfied customers.

“Bank Audi is dedicated to staff development and focuses on empowering their employees as not only subject matter experts, but also leaders in the financial industry” said Daniel Dib, Cadmus International Managing Director. “Their engagement with BankersLab highlights Bank Audi’s readiness to embrace learning technology in their efforts to deliver excellence.” Mr. Dib has been identifying best-of-breed financial services solutions from around the globe for many years. He specializes in delivering innovative technologies so that banks and financial services institutions in the Middle East can effectively grow their businesses.

Audi-win-cropped“We were excited to have the opportunity to create a powerful learning experience for Bank Audi’s employees. As an early-adopter in the Middle East, we were keen to see how their teams tackled one of our ‘flight simulators for bankers’.” Said Michelle Katics, BankersLab CEO. “We were very impressed with their skill and dynamism when presented with the challenge – and the result of a 93% course satisfaction speaks for itself. We observed that participants improved their ability to detect various cause and effect relationships in the portfolio as they advanced through the simulation. We also enjoyed seeing lively and meaningful engagement between senior leaders of different parts of the business”.

For more information contact info@bankersLab.com or daniel@cadmusinternational.com

About Bank Audi Group

As at March 31, 2015, the Bank Audi had one of the largest branch networks in Lebanon, with 80 branches (75 operating) covering the Greater Beirut area and other strategic regions in Lebanon, as well as, through its foreign subsidiaries, a network of 133 branches in the MENA region (outside of Lebanon), including 13 branches in Jordan, 34 in Egypt and 54 branches in Turkey. The Bank has two principal subsidiaries in Lebanon, two principal subsidiaries in Europe, as well as an asset management company in Monaco, six principal subsidiaries in the MENA region outside Lebanon and a principal subsidiary in Turkey. As at March 31, 2015, the Bank and its consolidated subsidiaries had 6,601 employees, including 3,060 persons employed in Lebanon and 1,476 persons employed at Odeabank in Turkey.

About Cadmus International

Cadmus International’s mission: to answer the growing need of banks, financial institutions, telecommunication companies and government entities in the Middle-East & North Africa region to improve their decisions, differentiate their products and services while enhancing their risk management and profitability.

About BankersLab

BankersLab leads the way in delivering innovative, strategic learning across the banking industry. Utilizing a blended learning model, BankersLab integrates numerical simulation, the gamified classroom and mobile learning games – designed to ‘level up’ the expertise of banking professionals. To learn more visit: http://www.bankerslab.com

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