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Life Hacks for Retail LendersAre you just trying to do the right thing and get that data warehouse up and running? First, we applaud your efforts. However, it can be a real challenge! You need to get various stakeholders to approve your project – here are some hacks for you.

1. The Almighty Admin / Assistant. Don’t be ashamed to turn up with a box of chocolates or their favorite skinny latte when you ask to get your sign-off meeting scheduled with the big guy in the corner office. Let’s be honest, if you are working on a data warehouse, you’re not the most important person on his schedule. That’s ok – we’ve all been in your shoes. Since you may not be able to wield your power to get that meeting, be clever and use your charm.

2. Amortization is like magic! Be sure to study up on what investment expenses can be amortized. Rather than that 3 Million dollar project hitting the bottom line next quarter, it might be gracefully spread over three years.

3. Make friends. Not sure about the amortization rules in your institution? Go make friends over in finance. An enjoyable happy hour drink with the folks in finance could be the key to structuring your project finances so they’ll be approved under the current budgeting rules.

4. Know your signatories. Before you even put pen to paper on your beautiful database design and the detailed data dictionary, learn who are the signatories. What are their challenges? What features in the data warehouse would help them out? What concerns do they have? Be sure to reach out to key stakeholder teams and incorporate key feedback. You might be surprised with a pleasant result – a successful project with is loved both by friend and foe alike.

5. Act Like a start-up. Think as if you are doing your pitch deck for your startup company. What can you covey in a 10 minute presentation which will be memorable and compelling? Leave the gritty details in an appendix which can be sent out later, and of course be ready to answer any of those technical questions when they come up.

For those challenging times when you need to get things done effectively, try these tips & tricks. Life Hacks for Retail Lenders


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