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Delaware, USA – 15th May 2015 – BankersLab®, a leading provider of simulation-based training for the retail banking industry, today announced a strategic partnership with Dubai advanced analytics consultancy firm Qarar.

BankersLab and Qarar’s shared vision for the partnership is to better prepare retail lending professionals for the challenges presented by the rapidly changing economic and regulatory conditions of the 21st century. The collaboration will place powerful learning tools, including simulation and scenario gaming, into the hands of Qarar’s subject matter experts, enabling them to transform the knowledge base and business outcomes of their clients.

“It is my pleasure to announce our partnership with Qarar. The Middle Eastern market has enjoyed the increased availability of tools, credit bureau data, and analytics. Lenders now have the task of building the skills sets of their teams, so that they can leverage the tools and data effectively.” Said Michelle Katics, BankersLab CEO. “We are excited to be working with Qarar’s talented team to bring our learning solutions to the retail banking community in the Middle East.

“Access to ever increasing data and application tools, is fueling growth opportunities in the financial services industry. To adapt and thrive in this domain of advanced analytics and evolving credit markets, lenders need to manage complex and large-scale organizational change. That is why more and more companies are shifting their attention to people and management education and development. By integrating BankersLab’s simulation-based training, we can help our clients rapidly improve their understanding of their portfolios and markets” said Zaid Kamhawi, Qarar CEO, “Most importantly, they will gain the skill of knowing where to find the secrets behind the data”.

For more information contact info@bankersLab.com or info@qarar.org

About Qarar

Qarar is a pioneering data analytics and risk management advisory company providing Big Data analytics, and risk management software and advisory solutions across the MENA region.  By leveraging the use of proprietary credit bureau data in the development of models and providing sophisticated decision platforms; Qarar offers unmatched solutions that unlock the true potential power of information. To learn more visit: www.qarar.org

About BankersLab

BankersLab leads the way in delivering innovative, strategic learning across the banking industry. Utilizing a blended learning model, BankersLab integrates numerical simulation, the gamified classroom and mobile learning games – designed to ‘level up’ the expertise of banking professionals. To learn more visit: www.bankerslab.com.