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BankersLab®, a leading provider of simulation-based training for the retail banking industry, announced today that they have been selected as one of the Asian Banking School’s official learning partners.

The Asian Banking School (ABS) is the Asian Institute of Chartered Banker (AICB)’s premium learning partner, delivering professional qualifications and training programs for the Banking Sector in Malaysia.

“We are delighted to be partnering with the Asian Banking School” said Michelle Katics, BankersLab CEO. “ABS is dedicated to ensuring that the banking industry nurtures it’s talent and maintains the bench strength required to tackle the challenges presented by economic conditions and regulatory change. We are excited to play a key role in their vision to become a world-class banking education hub for the region”.

BankersLab training products allow professionals to test-drive their skills in a “flight simulator” for bankers. Each multi-day course is run in a classroom setting and transforms the learner into a player. During the course, teams have to demonstrate expertise in specific areas such as managing retail portfolios, optimizing delinquent collections or using credit scores – with the aim of operating the most profitable virtual bank. By playing a Lab simulation game, learners can gain decades of additional ‘experience’ in a virtual setting.

To learn more contact: enquiries@asianbankingschool.com or info@BankersLab.com.

About BankersLab

BankersLab leads the way in delivering innovative, strategic learning across the banking industry to improve customer and financial outcomes. Utilizing a blended learning model, BankersLab integrates numerical simulation, scenario games, the gamified classroom and mobile learning games – designed to ‘level up’ the expertise of banking professionals. To find out more visit our website www.bankerslab.com.

About The Asian Banking School

The Asian Banking School (ABS) is a world-class educational centre for delivering intellectual content and fostering skills in the financial services industry. ABS accomplishes this in close cooperation with banking industry stakeholders through a robust and relevant curriculum and training programmes. For enquiries, please contact ABS at (+603) 2742 7822 or email enquiries@asianbankingschool.com