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BankersLab® leads the way in delivering innovative simulation lending training across the financial industry.

We have developed a suite of active learning products and bank training courses including our award-winning simulations to help bankers and retail lenders take charge of their digital transformation and become leaders in the emerging financial landscape.

Gets your hands dirty in our ‘lab’ with simulation, sandboxes, and design workshops with our virtual and on-demand lending training formats!

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"Adapting to the COVID-19 pandemic"

2020 has been unusual, to say the least, and we’re all adapting. BankersLab will no longer be delivering on-site workshops as we used to. Instead, we have pivoted to virtual classroom formats.

Learning Formats To Match Your Needs

We understand each organization, and the team is unique. To experience our online simulation lending training for banking, you can choose between two-course formats based on your team’s flexibility

Live Training Workshops

Our live training workshops are the virtual classroom version of our in-person workshops. Same expert faculty, same gamification, same teamwork, and collaboration. Best for teams who can invest a few continuous days for training, and would benefit from the team interaction and live collaboration.

Our expert facilitators coach live sessions with your team

Teams work together enabling active participation

Experience continuous days of learning

On-Demand Training

This “self-learn” format includes short readings and activities, along with quizzes and games. The simulation is done in teams, and participants join one webinar per week. Best for teams who can meet as and when they wish for team activities and check-in with faculty on a weekly basis.

Our expert facilitators hold weekly webinars for your team

Learn through short readings and activities

Participants can learn at their own pace

Live chat functionality for all participants for guidance

Our Unique Approach

Combining engaging team-based learning with coaching and technology, our value is unbeatable

Real-World Data, Fake Risks

While our simulation results are real, the danger isn't! Take risks and simulate extreme enviroments with the confidence - and without any actual consequences.

Hyper-Engaging, Collaborative Learning

Our simulation includes gamified, team-based experiences. Not only does this make our content much more engaging, but it also encourages team-work and long term learning retention.

Localized to Your Needs

BankersLab can easily provide language and institutional modifications. Many of our simulations have both emerging and mature market conditions, preparing players to succeed in countless global economies.

Courses For Every Level

Our courses and lending trainings are tailored to our participants' level of experience. Our services cater to entry, mid, and executive levels. From foundation to innovation, we offer it all.

Led by Global Financial Thought Leaders

Our faculty comes from a global network of experienced industry practitioners that provide coaching and mentoring for the retail banking industry.

A Wide Suite of Simulations

Our areas of speciality include loss forecasting, stress testing, credit risk management, risk appetite, analytics, commercial lending training, branch management, card payments, scorecard development, financial reporting and much, much more.

What They're Saying About Us

“Facilitator is superb in terms of subject matter mastery, fun, did a great job at facilitating good examples of real life events, credit issues and banking - We can relate to these events well”

Risk ManagerJakarta, Indonesia

“We have been running a similar course in-house for many years and have never seen such participant engagement like with the BankersLab training.”

Training DirectorUnited States

“I really enjoyed the course. It covered a broad range of materials at an effective pace. The case studies and simulation game enhanced my learning hugely.”

Risk ManagerSingapore

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