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BankersLab Training Options: Now Fully Online!

Live Courses

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Our live courses are the virtual classroom version of our in-person workshops. Same expert faculty, same gamification, same teamwork and collaboration. They feature:

  • Live training
  • Active teamwork
  • Continuous days of training
  • Economic simulation game

Best for teams who can invest a few continuous days for training, and would benefit from the team interaction and live collaboration.

On-Demand Courses

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This “self-learn” format includes short readings and activities, along with quizzes and games. The simulation is done in teams, and participants join one webinar per week. They feature:

  • Weekly webinars
  • Short readings & activities
  • Flexibility in completion

Best for those seeking flexibility; do the reading and exercises on your own time. Teams can meet when they wish for activities, and check in with faculty weekly and use a live chat function for guidance.

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BankersLab Training Products Suite

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