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Renowned for delivering innovative, strategic learning across the banking industry, BankersLab is a unique learning solution provider that considers human capital as the currency that counts. A fintech start-up launched by banking industry veteran, Michelle Katics, with the mission to be the go-to-market leader in training banking and financial professionals.

Based in San Francisco, BankersLab has presence across many major cities across the world including Singapore, Seoul, Dubai, Sao Paolo and Cape Town. The company specializes in simulations that teach intuition about complex data interactions while maintaining the balance between simplicity and richness. Given its prowess in simulation-based training for retail banks, the company has been selected as The Asian Banking School’s official learning partners to encourage future growth initiatives.

Current Vision

BankersLab aims to establish a global, configurable and gamified training platform which is not just challenging but also addictive and incorporates the fun element. They target replacing the classroom with a digital coach is projected to become massively scalable to the 20 million retail bank employees around the world. The company’s co-founder & CEO adds, “Our vision is to capture the player data for certification and provide actionable benchmarks and human capital forensics.” This essentially means that BankersLab will have a dashboard for directly monitoring gaps vs. strengths across the organization.

The company is planning to launch PortfolioQuest in Spring 2016, a single player simulation training platform, that allows users to practice portfolio management skills using real time data. By gamifying the experience users are more focused and have a much higher retention rate and receive immediate feedback on decisions made. Once the simulation is over users know how to improve and make better decisions using difficult to learn skill sets such as anticipation, forecasting, troubleshooting and analysis. The simulator is based on gaming mechanics, a rules based system, which encourages users to explore and learn in a simulated environment.

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