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Dec 8, 2015

San Francisco – BankersLab® is pleased to announce that it has closed its Angel Round comprised of financial and tech sector executives from the US, Germany and Singapore.

The US-based FinTech is utilizing the funds to accelerate development of it’s spin-off product PortfolioQuest, a self guided, SaaS based simulation training product for the retail banking and Fintech industries.

After boot strapping BankersLab, the company took B2B bank customer feedback to heart and is accelerating development of PortfolioQuest. Whether in a bank or FinTech, financial services employees find they need to be better equipped to tackle the complexities of today’s economic landscape. PortfolioQuest is designed to be a single-player simulation training platform. On-demand, players will be able to play infinite scenarios to hone their portfolio management skills and see how they measure up against those of their colleagues as well as the FinTech community.

“Having trained participants from over 35 countries globally, we’ve seen enormous success with our “Lab” simulation training course format.” Said Michelle Katics, BankersLab CEO. “However, learning should not be dependent on the classroom. We believe that the future of training is digital game-based learning. PortfolioQuest takes the leap to put a powerful teaching and certification tool into the hands of the banking and FinTech executives, allowing them to test-drive portfolio management skills at their own pace.”

About BankersLab

BankersLab created “flight simulators” for FinTech and Bankers. This SaaS training simulation platform boasts a global B2B client base of banks, credit unions, credit bureaus, training institutes and financial sector vendors. BankersLab is launching a new product suite, PortfolioQuest which provides massive scaling of the SaaS platform. To learn more visit: http://www.bankerslab.com

For more information contact:

Mark Kaufman, BankersLab COO
+1 415 306-4064