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We are proud to offer 7 unique banking innovation-focused courses at BankersLab. Below we’ve provided a brief overview of our 4 most popular courses.

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I001: Use Case Studio

Use Case Studio involves teaching the latest FinTech concepts through curated case studies and industry examples. This course identifies a business use case and explores what is “under the hood”.

The first, Instant Loan Approval, requires a combination of technology, process, analytics and data. If the customer is not already known, we have increased KYC and diligence requirements which must be supported by secure APIs and open banking processes. Finally, this must be delivered in an appealing user experience to be successful.

So, how does it all work? In this course, we’ll walk through the use case, an example implementation, and interpret results. Finally, we’ll walk through the toolkit necessary to implement such a use case and map out how you would do an implementation.

The second part of this course will cover topics such as big data, machine learning, EYC, open banking, and analytics, as your instant loan approval toolkit.

What is the best communication channel for each customer? What is the best action to take for their account and when? How do we use unstructured data to further optimize these actions?

This course will walk through new ‘best in class’ solutions for such a use case. What data can be used? How can we store and process massive amounts of real-time and unstructured data? What new database and data flow architecture can be used? What type of models and analytics leverage the unstructured data to provide the recommended actions? Find out in this hands-on course.

I001: Use Case Studio – Learning Outcomes

Build use cases and customer scenarios for instant approval and collections management

Explore an example solution

Understand the tools, data, analytics and processes which provide the solution.

Construct solutions for instant loan approvals

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I002: AI Sandbox: For Implementation

Are you ready to demystify machine learning and artificial intelligence? Deepen your knowledge to be strategic in a digital banking world. This ‘sandbox’-based training innovation course develops sharper predictive skills, while integrating new innovation, open banking, and technology approaches.

As AI reaches ever deeper into the Finance industry, being able to work with AI is becoming critical. While developing core AI skills, you will explore the application of machine learning to big data across a range of scenarios. Combining ‘sandboxing’ to test your ideas, and digital banking activities, will bring it all together.

AI Lab is a sandbox-based training course which drives a deeper understanding of how AI can be used in finance. The course will help participants to understand how to use AI across all areas of Finance and enhance predictive skills in the digitalized world of financial services. In the sandbox, participants will experiment with data, Machine Learning models, and data, and the application of AI will be discussed and covered in quiz rounds. In each different scenario, participants will review AI use cases and examples.

Each day, teams must learn to use data, models and code to discover patterns, categorise, visualise, forecast and ultimately learn to tell data stories.

I002: AI Sandbox: For Implementation – Learning Outcomes

Apply appropriate machine learning models and methods across a range of finance scenarios

Calculate credit scores and pricing coefficients

Describe what a Neural Network is, how it works and how they might be applied in a finance scenario

Analyse different ways of preparing data and categorise risks

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I005: LendingLab UI/UX

Learn how to go from idea to deployment in 90 days! UX Design for Digital Innovation is designed to provide experiential learning of what user experience design is about, and the crucial role it plays in the current technological disruption.

With the term “UX Design” increasingly becoming of importance to business, does it puzzle you on what it really means? Through this lending and banking innovation course, you will delve into the process of UX Design. You will be engaged in each step of the process (Strategy, Discovery, Analysis, Design and Production) with in-course activities to have a first-hand experience in UX Design.

You will adopt approaches of UX designers in identifying customer and internal business user needs and produce possible design. Learn how you could incorporate your business experience into creating user-centered designs. You will also learn how effective ways to model and test design ideas. At the end of this course, you would have acquired key fundamental skills in UX design and understand how to bring your 2-day experience in UX Design back to your business roles.

I005: LendingLab UI/UX – Learning Outcomes

Identify how UX Design has changed the way users interact with products.

Acquire the fundamentals of building a Minimum Viable Product (MVP).

Gain a conceptual understanding of each stage of the Design Thinking Process and learn how to go about conducting a UX Research.

Apply the concepts of Design Thinking to reimagine a banking process.

Learn how to start Prototyping, Conduct Heuristic Evaluation and conduct a usability test.

In teams, build a prototype MVP UI/UX for a financial services Use Case.

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I007: Data Storytelling

Bring your data to life! In this course, we focus on creating actionable insights about how we acquire, and monitor our customers. Based on MIS, or management information learn how to become a data storyteller. Knowing where to detect trends and “see” changes coming is a crucial skill for lenders. However, this is not enough – when we simply articulate the message, the implied business action is not clear. While pages of reports and graphs often seem uninteresting, in this course you will work in teams to track the ‘story in the data’ and explain how fluctuations can occur. The goal is for participants to gain the ability to review, monitor and use MIS reports for effective portfolio management.

Through active participation, attendees will work with the reports to gain a deep understanding of how data can be interpreted and how to apply these insights effectively day to day, as well as practice interpreting data and articulating actionable insights.

I007: Data Storytelling – Learning Outcomes

Interpret Acquisition & Account Management Reports to explain how & why fluctuations occur.



Interpret Collections Reports to explain how and why fluctuations occur.

Develop visual communication tools to demonstrate the story behind the data.

Create actionable insights and management takeaways from your reports.


Practice delivering data storytelling benefits
of: Discovery, Insights, Actions and Outcomes.

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