Flight Simulators for Bankers

We create dynamic learning environments for retail lenders

We offer a suite of simulation-based consumer lending training products

Learning by doing,

peer-to-peer teaching,

and computer simulation

are all part of the same equation.

~ Nicholas Negroponte

Learning modules require the players to

• interact with data

• interpret trends

• understand changing market conditions

• build effective strategies

What is a flight simulator for bankers?

BankersLab® simulation-based training courses are designed to facilitate a deeper understanding of retail credit risk management concepts. BankersLab® simulations are developed with flexibility to adapt to your bank’s needs and objectives. Covering both secured and unsecured retail products, our courses train participants on all parts of the credit life cycle, addressing topics such as, product design, underwriting, account management, portfolio monitoring, and mitigation and collections strategies.

The multi-day training courses are run in a classroom setting and transform the learner into a player. In order to win the simulation game, players must successfully operate the most profitable virtual bank with the most satisfied customers.

Each module of our simulation games is linked to content rich course materials, activities, case studies and supportive mobile learning apps.

By making use of our effective training method, on-line learning community, and simulation gaming techniques, we have created an effective platform for developing risk management techniques.

~ Michelle Katics CEO

Training Across the Credit Life Cycle

  • The Credit Life Cycle

    Covering training for all areas of the credit life cycle and all levels from entry to executive levels

  • Lab course format

    We’ve seen enormous success with our “Lab” course format – instructor-led, simulation-based, and fueled by team competition.

  • Configurable Training

    Clients can select a variety of courses depending on their individual needs.

  • Monoline or specialty lender?

    Lab products can be configured for a particular lending product, market maturity and economic conditions. Ask us about an enterprise license.


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10+ years experience


0-3 years experience


3-10 years experience


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