CreditLab: Small Business

Small business lending portfolio management

Course Overview

Course Description

CreditLab: Small Business is a simulation-based training course designed to take your understanding of small business lending to new and dramatically different levels.

CreditLab: Small Business will provide a rigorous exploration of the assessment of credit risk against the cost of the assessment; understanding the advantages of spreading financials for large exposures and the disadvantages of spreading financials in a cost-conscious and competitive marketplace.

The course will deepen your knowledge of industry best practices and tie all of your actions to the real world of managing profits and losses to meet business objectives. We will dive deeper into cash flow and financial analysis and examine ratios that can strengthen the risk assessment process. We will examine the role of analytics in making critical decisions and evaluating the impact of those decisions.

Your new knowledge will be tested daily through detailed simulations. You will work with your team in a competitive testing environment. It is in this team environment that you will expand your worldview, identify skills needed to win and use them to solve business problems.

Learning Objectives


Learn the components of risk assessment for small business across the decision lifecycle; balance the cost, timing, and resources required to make decisions for exposures.


Connect the dots from corporate level risk appetite and loss metrics through the entire lifecycle of small business accounts to create business strategies to maximize P&L.


Identify industry best practices across the small business life cycle for reporting & documentation. Describe how initiatives improve strategic results and enhance communication with regulators.


Understand the impact of the use of data and advanced analytics within your risk and marketing.


The CreditLab: Small Business Simulation

  • Repetition

    Players repeat strategic decisions in a variety of market conditions, reinforcing learning objectives.

  • Experimentation

    The simulation provides a safe virtual environment for players to test-drive portfolio management strategies.

  • Evaluation

    Players have the opportunity to evaluate and understand the outcome of their portfolio management decisions.

  • Retention

    “Learn by Doing” approach maximizies learning retention.

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