CreditLab: Small Business Fundamentals

Foundation level understanding of Small business lending portfolio management

Course Overview

Course Description

CreditLab: Small Business Fundamentals builds on the basic understanding of small business lending principals, processes and products offered in the LendingLab Small Business Overview course.

The course provides an overview of the decision making practices across the credit lifecycle through the tactical lens of credit policy and strategy development.

The course will advance participants’ knowledge of the small business lending space through additional topics, such as judgmental vs. automated decisioning; use of data, scores, ratings, and business rules to manage P&L; executable strategy development for originations, account management and collections; and compliance analytics to monitor portfolios and models.

Learning Objectives


Develop a small business value statement that outlines who they are, what they need, why your organization can meet their needs, and how you can bring profitability to the bottom line.


Connect the dots from corporate level risk appetite and loss metrics through the entire lifecycle of small business accounts to maximize P&L.


Understand the role of data, scores, ratings, and business rules in construction of sound business strategies exercised through a test and learn environment.


Identify industry best practices across the small business lifecycle and how they can be achieved to be competitive, resilient in a downturn, opportunistic in an up-turn, and best serve your small customers.

The CreditLab: SME Fundamentals Simulation

  • Repetition

    Players repeat strategic decisions in a variety of market conditions, reinforcing learning objectives.

  • Experimentation

    The simulation provides a safe virtual environment for players to test-drive portfolio management strategies.

  • Evaluation

    Players have the opportunity to evaluate and understand the outcome of their portfolio management decisions.

  • Retention

    “Learn by Doing” approach maximizies learning retention.

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