Collection OpsLab

Improves a bank’s ability to optimize collections operations

Course Overview

Course Description

The Collection OperationsLab is a simulation-based training course that improves a bank’s ability to optimize collections operations through effective performance management.

It is a four-day course providing delegates with a comprehensive understanding of best practice collections operations and performance management tools and techniques across all aspects of a collections department.

This simulation-based course is practically focused, using exercises based on international practices. This ensures that delegates return to their work environments with a full understanding of the requirements of leading collections operations, systems and management in their businesses.

Learning Objectives


Understand the concepts in a collections operation.


Explore practical implementation of best practice collections management.


Identify the requirements of leading collections operations and systems in their businesses.


Learn about the tools and strategies for managing different levels of delinquencies and recoveries.

The Collection OpsLab Simulation

  • Repetition

    Players repeat strategic decisions in a variety of market conditions, reinforcing learning objectives.

  • Experimentation

    The simulation provides a safe virtual environment for players to test-drive portfolio management strategies.

  • Evaluation

    Players have the opportunity to evaluate and understand the outcome of their portfolio management decisions.

  • Retention

    “Learn by Doing” approach maximizies learning retention.


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