About Us

BankersLab is a leader in learning innovation that specializes in building award-winning “flight simulators” for bankers. Within the banking and financial space, our product suite covers a number of areas of retail banking – from entry to executive level. Since being founded in 2012, BankersLab has trained participants from over 45 countries and in multiple languages.

It is critical to balance risk and reward and yet maximize profitability. However, the rapidly shifting economic and regulatory conditions of today mean that market changes often outpace skills. Our aim is to build 21st century teaching tools for retail lending professionals that want to improve their portfolio management skills in a profound way.

Each of our workshops are a blend of simulation gaming, active learning and mentoring – that create a dynamic and impactful learning experience.  Simulation provides professionals with the opportunity to test-drive their knowledge in a safe environment. Here, they can explore different scenarios and approaches, and gain a deep understanding of the direct outcome of their decisions, which wouldn’t be evident for years in the ‘real world’.

Who We Are


Our faculty is a network of experienced industry practitioners that provide coaching and mentoring for the retail banking industry.


Our simulations allow participants to test-drive their portfolio management skills in a safe environment.


When clients invest in powerful learning experiences they not only transform their employees, but also the institution.

Our Partners

Connected Analytics is a professional services business, specialising in credit risk, data and analytics. We are dedicated to helping organisations use information to gain insight and make better decisions.

Dynamic Financial Group was established in March 2012 to provide subject matter expertise in Business and Risk Management with an independent and balanced approach.

SimArch is a market leader in the design and development of banking simulations, banking games, custom solutions and decision support tools.

Qarar is a pioneering data analytics and risk management advisory company providing Big Data analytics, and risk management software and advisory solutions across the MENA region.

id/x partners provides consulting services that specializes in utilizing data mining solutions combined with an integrated risk management and marketing discipline to help clients.

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